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Cataract Services

Cataract is the clouding of the lens of your eye that impairs vision. Cataract is responsible for more than half of the blindness in the world, which is a grim fact, because it is a treatable condition. According to WHO statistics, in India there are more than 12 million blind eyes of which 80% are due to cataract which is a preventable disease. Advancing age is the top most cause for cataracts.
Surgery is the only treatment for cataract. In cataract surgery, the clouded lens is replaced with Intra Ocular Lens. Many people believe in the myth that cataract should be allowed to mature before it is operated. This harms the eyes and predisposes the patient to a complicated surgery.

Committed to introduce cutting edge technology in the ophthalmic space, Thind Eye Hospital is one of the best cataract surgery hospital in India &  pioneers in the launch of Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery in Punjab  which has largely automated the complicated steps of cataract surgery resulting in a safer operation and improved visual outcome for the patient along with quicker recovery.


ALCON LenSx Laser

Advantages of Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

» 100 % blade free Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

» Safer surgery. Surgical process takes less than 1 minute. Femtosecond laser allows computerized programming of the corneal incision. The precisely structured incisions are self-sealing that minimize the risk of post operative infections.

» Enhanced visual outcome resulting from consistent circular laser-created capsulorrhexis. The first step in cataract surgery is creating a capsular opening around the cataract (capsulorrhexis). Studies have also shown that laser capsulotomies enable better centering of the intraocular lens (IOL), and IOL positioning is a significant factor in determining final visual outcome.

» Improved surgical process. The use of femtosecond laser for fragmentation of the cataract in smaller, softer pieces allows removal of cataract through reduced phaco time and power. This is especially useful in complicated cases and compromised corneas.

» Quicker post procedure recovery.


Now more than ever, We are seeing patients with a wider range of lens densities, more diverse pathologies and higher expectations. Treating them safely and effectively demands a more individualized approach to cataract lens removal.

The INFINITI® Vision System combines unparalleled fluidics with two unique energy delivery systems that provide you with options for efficient cataract lens removal: between the OZil® Torsional Handpiece or the Traditional Ultrasound and NeoSonix device. These technologies deliver enhanced fluidic stability and surgical control. You can customize to individual patients' anatomical variations and choose your fluidics and custom energy solutions according to your technique and individual patient needs. Increased surgical
control delivers greater potential for obtaining better surgical outcomes and safety than with traditional phacoemulsification technologies. Torsional phaco improves efficiency and offers precise energy delivery with reduced repulsion that increases followability with an improved thermal safety profile.

The INFINITI® Vision System’s revolutionary micro-coaxial technology is changing the way cataract surgery is performed with smaller, less invasive procedures without compromising on surgical techniques or lens removal technologies.

Whitestar Signature System

The Whitestar Signature System enables the use of vacuum of over 600 mg Hg. This leads to reduced surgical time, less trauma to the eye tissues, less post operative reactions leading to faster visual recovery and allowing even very advanced cataract to be removed by phacoemulsification.

Sovereign Phacoemulsification System

From plus-4 cataracts to soft lens removal, WhiteStar Cold Phaco Technology allows surgeons to safely remove all lens types through the smallest possible incisions with single-mode, single-instrument convenience — using little or no ultrasound. It’s the bridge between today’s most advanced cataract technologies and tomorrow’s opportunities with microincision lens removal.

WhiteStar Cold Phaco Technology is a patented software application proven to change the characteristics of phacoemulsification using little to no ultrasound. This is done by changing the thermal properties and improving control of the lens without reducing the cutting power or changing technique or efficiency. Sovereign Phacoemulsification System

Oertli Phacoemulsification System

Micro-Pulsed Ultrasound Phaco (CMP technology manufactured by Oertli instruments), is the key to sleeveless bimanual 1.5 mm phaco, elimination of wound burns, reduction of ultrasound time, improved capacity to capture nuclear fragments, elimination of induced astigmatism and clear corneas immediately post-op. Surgeons can select the preferred pulse frequency and cooling factor, and a specially designed software ensures that values chosen will guarantee cool phaco. Oertli Phacoemulsification System

Millennium storz (B & L)

Bausch & Lomb Surgical’s new Storz Millennium Microsurgical System is a modular system that addresses the needs of several eye surgical specialties, including cataract removal, retinal reattachment, glaucoma, and cornea repair. The Millennium’s advanced surgical features include new pump technology for either a flow or vacuum-based aspiration system from the eyes, high-performance ultrasound delivery for cataract removal, a dual light source, and electric scissors.